The Cube


Once I was happy that I was getting a good print, the next thing I wanted to look at was the differences in print Quality.  When you send a job to print in Silhouette 3D you have three default print options, Draft,  Standard & High Quality.

For testing purposes I decided to use a cube, this is one of the default shapes the software can create. Once the shape opened in the Silhouette 3D I didn’t resize or make any changes. I just sent it to print.  There is a huge difference in print quality timings.  The Draft Quality was going to take 10 minutes 32 seconds, Standard Quality was 17 minutes 41 seconds and High Quality was 54 minutes 07 Seconds.

Here are the three print previews within Silhouette 3D for the same cube.

Draft Quality Print Preview
Standard Quality Print Preview
High Quality Print Preview

On watching the print previews, you will notice, there are two noticeable differences between the prints; the layers and the infill.  If you look at the previews you will note the following; Draft print does 3 bottom layers & 3 top layers, Standard does 3 bottom layers & 5 Top Layers & High Quality does 4 bottom layers & 7 top layers.

Here are more detailed screenshots of the settings for each print quality.

Default Draft Print Settings
Default Standard Print Settings
Default High Quality Print Settings

If you look at the different print settings you will notice the infill settings also change dependant on print quality.  They are as follows; Draft Quality -Infill Density 3 Overlap 40%, Standard Quality – Infill Density 2 Overlap 60% & High Quality Infill Density 1 Overlap 80%.

Here are the printed Cubes

Cube Bottoms
Cube Sides
Cube Top
Cube Tops – Backlight

For a more detailed description of each print setting please click

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