About Us

Welcome to my Blog! Delicate Designs was created in early 2019. Hi, My name is Melanie.  I’m a wife and mother and I have been a member of the Silhouette family for over 5 years.  During that time I have spent many hours crafting with my Cameo and learning the Silhouette Studio software.

Since buying my first Cameo I have explored the many different crafts that you are able to do with this machine but I always come back to paper crafting, especially 3D models  I have watched hundreds of You Tube videos and visited thousands of websites learning this craft, over the last five years.

There are so may resource’s available online that I wanted to create a central location for everything 3D papercraft related.  My aim is to highlight great projects and artists and inspire your creativity regardless of ability level.

In 2019 my Silhouette journey is taking a different direction.  This is due to the recent release of the Silhouette Alta, a 3d printing machine.  Hopefully the Alta will be as easy to use as the other machines in the Silhouette family, and I invite me to join me on this new journey where ever it takes me.